Our Mission

Whether it be the comfort with which the calamitous English defeat in the Second Anglo-Dutch War shown below is forgotten, or the honest surprise of many Americans upon learning that many of the Pilgrim Fathers actually departed from Holland rather than England, there are always key facts that fall victim to political and social expediency. Given the alacrity with which modern students will accept as fact any socially popular theory that fits their teacher’s prejudices, Western Man is in serious danger of losing the core of his history. It is made all the worse by Political Correctness, a social ill that consumes those incapable of independent thought. It silences the truth about any historical event in order to suit the present social norms or ruling elite.


It is in the nature of mankind that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Western World, in particular, is in grave danger at this time. Its people are living in a self-indulgent society with a 24-hour news cycle dictated by sensation and ratings. They want everything simplified and easy, they confuse the latest mobile phone with advances in technology, and they certainly seldom stop to learn from history. The situation has degenerated to a level where it has even proved difficult for the West to correctly tell its enemies from its friends. The lamentable state of its Media has caused it to desert its friends and demean the very principles that made it successful in the first place. In fact, it appears to have comprehensively lost its own plot.

At Cliffwood Fogge we are dedicated to verity in history while simultaneously making it alive and absorbing. Fiction cannot plausibly be as outrageous and impossible as the events that truly happened around the real people who gave us the world as we know it today. We do this work in the hope that some individuals will start questioning what the media is serving up to them and start to demand evidence. With some luck, the West may once again learn the difference between a friend and a foe and start to understand when it is harming itself and destroying the future for its children.